How to Fit

Our nappies are designed to fit your bub from newborn 
approximately 3.5kg to 20kg

Step 1 

Place nappy under baby’s bum, back elastic should sit 1-2cm above baby’s bum crack but not too high. 

Step 2 

Pull up the front of the nappy so it sits just below baby’s belly button and in line with the back of the nappy. 

Step 3 

Bring over waist flaps and snap into place ensuring a nice comfortable fit and not too tight. Tuck away any excess waist fabric around baby’s waistline. 

Step 4 

Tuck up excess fabric in the front and smooth around the leg elastics up into baby’s knicker line. 

Step 5 

Check to make sure the fit is comfortable and not to tight or loose. Ensuring you can fit 2 fingers around the legs and waist is a good way to fit check for comfort and to prevent any leaks.