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Moana Minis

Mama & Bird Belly Butter

Mama & Bird Belly Butter

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A mindfully curated blend of botanical actives, purposely designed to support skin elasticity as it stretches throughout pregnancy.

Abundant in rejuvenating, nutrient-dense ingredients that promote healthy collagen production, skin looks visibly plumper and more radiant. Our luxurious belly cream deeply nourishes your pregnant belly, instantly soothing dryness, and itchiness, whilst helping reduce the appearance of stretch marks. 

Skin Benefits: 
- supports skin elasticity, hydration and suppleness
- helps prevent and reduce the appearance of stretch marks 
- promotes healthy collagen production, and
- creates a barrier protection against moisture loss.

Australian Certified vegan, cruelty free, toxic-free & made safe.

Proven Ingredients

CollaPlant Z NPNF®

Plant-based (vegan) collagen alternative which smoothes and rejuvenates for younger looking skin, improves skin hydration and fortifies skin barrier for maximum protection against the elements. 

Included in: Belly Butter


A complex, patented botanical formula developed specifically to deliver the skin-lipid profile of a healthy 22 year old. Clinical studies show that L22®  increases the elasticity, firmness, and hydration of skin, whilst improving the recovery of skin barrier function better than common emollients.

Included in: Belly Butter


Harvested from micro algae, Astaxanthin is the world’s most powerful antioxidant and helps reduce age spots, pigmentation, improves skin elasticity and texture.

Included in: Belly Butter

Quinoa Seed Extract

Incas regarded it as a holy plant and worshipped its seeds, Quinoa Seed Extract is rich in essential fatty acids that assist to restore the skin’s barrier function, helping keep the skin hydrated and soft. 

Banana Extract

Ideal for dry skin, helping soothe and soften, Banana Fruit Extract provides antioxidant activity and contains no known substance to aggravate or irritate the skin. 

Organic Red Mandarin

One of the sweetest and most calming of all citrus oils, the revitalising properties fo Organic Red Mandarin help prevent and fade stretch marks and diminish the appearance of scars and age spots.

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