How to Wash

Step 1 

Knock of soiled nappies into the toilet then rinse. Store in a dry pail this is a designated basket or buckets that allows airflow. 

Step 2 

Pre wash nappies every 1-2days on a warm short cycle with half a scoop of nappy friendly detergent. Pre washed nappies can be stored in a separate dry pail until you have enough nappies for a main cycle. 

Step 3 

Main wash every 2-3 days on a long 60° cycle with a full scoop of nappy friendly detergent. 

Step 4 

Line dry shells and inserts out of direct sunlight. Inserts can be machine dried on a low temperature. 


We do not recommend soaking or bleaching the shells as this can damage the waterproof lining. 

Do not exceed 60° when washing nappies 

Use a nappy friendly detergent. Make sure it contains the following 

SURFACTANTS – this is the ingredient that lifts soiling from fabrics and crucial for washing cloth nappies. 

ENZYMES – enzymes help remove stains, prevents piling and maintains effective procedures throughout the wash cycle.  Different enzymes target different purposes in your washing cycle so ideally a blend of enzymes is what you’re looking for the perfect detergent.

Detergents that we recommend 

Supermarkets - OMO/PERSIL or BIOZET 



Please note inserts will reach their full absorbency after 7-8 washes, this time frame can be reduced by soaking inserts over night before their first wash.